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October 2000, Volume 11, Number 9

Celebrating Its Past

A range of community groups pitching in to help, along with a fair dose of volunteer support, are the backbones to Lyttelton’s 150th celebrations planned for December 16...

“The day will highlight our colourful past and allow the community to have fun at the same time,” says event co-ordinator Ray Lew.

“There has been an incredible response from early settlers’ families wishing to mark the day in Lyttelton as part of their family reunion celebrations, and from Lytteltonians wanting to highlight their place in history,” says Celebration Lyttelton Trust chairperson Wendy McKay.

The celebration, which has received support from a range of organisations including the Community Employment Group, includes a church service, Bridle Path walk, wreath laying, displays on the wharf, a drama spectacle, a yacht regatta, a concert and an old fashioned knees-up.

“We’ve tried to involve children as much as possible,” says Ray. This includes running competitions and including them in the production and performance of the drama.

The Lyttelton day coincides with 150th festivities in Christchurch.

The day will leave behind a few tangibles such as an upgraded Bridle Path -- the walking track the first settlers used to get across the Port Hills separating Lyttelton from Christchurch.

CEG fieldworker Murray Griffin says that the community will also be looking at how it can ensure ongoing benefit from holding an event of this scale. “In bringing so many people together for Lyttelton’s celebrations, there is an opportunity to establish how this and future events can further benefit the local community.”

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Ray Lew, c/- Banks Peninsula District Council, P O Box 4 , Lyttelton
Phone (03) 328 7243, Fax (03) 328 8283
e-mail: lewr@xtra.co.nz

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