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December 2004, Volume 15, Number 11

Determining Regional Priorities

From April 2005 the Ministry of Social Development will be the key delivery and funding agency for community labour market assistance, with the Community Employment Group being disestablished...

“The new functions will be delivered by Work and Income’s regional commissioners and will build on our existing regional structure and programmes,” says Ministry of Social Development Chief Executive Peter Hughes.

“Additional staff will be employed in the regions to focus on and support community-based labour market development. We expect to advertise the first of the new roles in December and we are aiming to have the majority of staff on board by late March.

“Regional commissioners will use existing regional forums, and where necessary establish new forums, to help them determine the regional priorities for labour market development support and investment.”

The Government asked the Ministry, the Department of Labour and other agencies to report to it by the end of November on the implementation of the new functions and any policy changes required to the existing programmes.

“To gather input for this report, the regional commissioners invited key stakeholders and community based organisations to engagement meetings. These provided useful input on the high level design that has been incorporated into the report to the government” says Peter Hughes.

“The MSD project team and I have met with a range of CEG staff since September. Each regional commissioner will be meeting CEG staff in their region in the coming months.”

Further community engagement is planned for February 2005.

“These meetings will provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss the way the new service will operate, and to hear details of the criteria and application process for grants.”

If you are interested in attending a meeting or would like more information, please contact your local Work and Income regional office.

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